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Discover the lights that illuminate your interior

Your essential destination for creating an exceptional lighting ambiance in your home.

Attract attention with our trendy lighting fixtures, suitable for all styles and rooms.

Here, you will discover unique designs to enhance your decoration and highlight each room.

Don't hesitate any longer, enter a world of elegant and functional lighting, and give your interior the final touch that will make all the difference.

magasin luminaire nantes


Daylight has an essential role in our lives.

It acts in particular on our moods. As soon as it disappears, the lights replace it.

Choose your favorite lights now, they will harmonize perfectly with your interior.

suspension en cannage


Timeless, our designs are both sober and timeless.

Our lamps span the ages with their authenticity and durability. Following the example of our pendant lights made of rattan, we bring the retro side back into fashion.

For more than a century, the material has been able to accompany interiors through various decorations.

From the bohemian side to the Scandinavian spirit, our hanging decorations tend to be as natural and ecological as possible


Give a new shine to your kitchen with our kitchen lighting, designed to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Enjoy optimal lighting for your worktops, your dining areas meals and more, thanks to quality materials and trendy designs.

Choose a kitchen lighting fixture that fits perfectly into your interior decoration and brings a touch of conviviality to your culinary space.

Illuminate your favorite room now.


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