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Article: Which light fixture for the kitchen?

Which light fixture for the kitchen?

While until recently it was devoted solely to preparing meals, the kitchen is now a convivial room where you can even entertain friends. In view of this evolution, it has also become one of the rooms in the house where the choice of lighting requires the greatest care. It is therefore important to select the right kitchen lighting, so that it can ensure better comfort in this room. Ambiance Luminaire lets you discover here the best ideas for lighting fixtures to install in your kitchen.

How to properly light your kitchen?

The kitchen is a room where one of the most important activities in your daily life takes place. It is also a room where you need functional lighting more than decorative lighting. In addition, lighting fixtures must be placed in specific locations in order to play their role to the fullest.

For an open kitchen

Lighting an open kitchen requires less thought because it already benefits in part from natural light coming from outside. Central lighting of good intensity can therefore do the trick, if you combine it with lighting in the most frequented areas of the room. This is important because insufficient brightness in these areas can cause visual fatigue.

For optimal lighting of these areas, you can install wall lights there. In the kitchen, the wall light is used to amplify the light in the most frequented areas such as the sink, the hob, the worktop. Thanks to this light, you can also clean these different areas more effectively because the brightness is sufficient, you are less likely to leave some dirt stains lying around. By also lighting the inside of your furniture, you will be able to benefit not only from better general lighting in your kitchen, but also from very appreciable comfort on a daily basis.

Above a kitchen island

For lighting a kitchen island, you must opt ​​for a ceiling light, to be installed in a targeted manner above this area. In our catalog, we offer you a wide range of lighting fixtures among which you will undoubtedly find the one that suits you best.


Suspensions are lighting fixtures most often composed of a light ball which is connected to the ceiling by a rod or cable. They are available in several models and can be installed in different locations in your kitchen ceiling. Apart from the kitchen island, you can also place them for example above the bar, the kitchen table, or simply in the center of the ceiling.

The most popular model in this category is the height-adjustable pendants, which allow you to adapt your lighting by extending or narrowing the rod. These models, which are mostly designed with a spiral cable, stand out from other suspension models because of their practicality and their retro effect.

For an original interior decoration, you can group several pendant lights in the same place. You then just need to shorten the wires of certain cables, and thus offset their bulbs to create a unique design.

In terms of materials, we advise you to opt for metal, glass or PVC pendant lights for your kitchen. Indeed, your lighting fixtures will be exposed to smoke, grease or other various food splashes. Materials that are difficult to maintain such as fabric and paper are therefore not recommended for use in the kitchen.

luminaire dans cuisine

The ceiling light

As its name suggests, the ceiling light is a light fixture that is attached to the ceiling of a room. This is the most suitable solution if you are looking for a solution for lighting your kitchen island. The ceiling light has the advantage of easily adapting to all rooms, regardless of their size and the height of their ceiling. Because of its position, it can also illuminate not only your island, but your entire kitchen. If the latter is large, we therefore advise you to opt for a ceiling light with adjustable spots.

Thanks to this model, you will be able to better distribute the light over the entire surface of your kitchen, as well as over the most important areas such as the sink, the hob, the worktop... In addition, certain models Ceiling lights are designed with accessory spots that can be recessed in less lit areas for better distribution of lighting. If you prefer a single bulb ceiling light for your kitchen island, you can still combine it with other lights to install in the corners of the room. You will then need to opt for models that match the central lighting fixture in order to maintain harmony in the interior decoration of the room.


The chandelier is a lighting fixture made up of a complex frame of several lamps, connected to a column. Most often imposing and majestic, it is often set with crystals or glass domes. The place where the chandelier finds its best place is certainly the living room, but there are certain models which are perfectly suited to use in the kitchen. In this room, it brings the added value of being both decorative and very bright because of the crystals which amplify the lighting it provides.

Because of the quality of lighting it offers, you can install the chandelier in the center of your kitchen or directly above the island, to benefit from maximum light in this area.

What lighting for a work surface?

For lighting your worktop, you have the choice between several lighting fixtures depending on your needs and the interior design of your kitchen:

  • The LED strip: it is installed under the kitchen wall units and the lighting extends over the entire length of the kitchen.
  • Recessed spotlights: they can also be installed under wall furniture, but must be well spaced to provide uniform lighting.
  • The illuminated splashback: a illuminated plate illuminates the entire surface of the worktop, but is also useful for protecting the kitchen wall.
  • Wall lights: a lighting model that you can attach along the wall of your kitchen, to provide targeted lighting on your work surface.

Apart from these solutions which are the most common, there are several other lighting possibilities for your kitchen worktop. Our team of interior design experts is available to assist you in choosing the lighting that best suits your tastes and the main characteristics of your kitchen.

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What power of light?

The lighting power your kitchen requires depends essentially on the paint color you have chosen for its interior decoration.

For a white kitchen

The white kitchen already has the advantage of being naturally lit, even at nightfall. The white color easily captures and amplifies all light sources. For this kitchen model, you must therefore focus on lighting intended to warm it up and give it character. You can therefore opt for metallic or colored lighting, which will create a pleasant contrast with the initial color of your kitchen. To obtain this color, bulbs of 3000 to 3500 Kelvin will do the trick. Regarding the lighting intensity, a power of 5000 to 7000 lumens is sufficient to reinforce the natural light of a white kitchen.

For a dark kitchen

For lighting a dark kitchen, a warm or colorful color is not recommended because it can accentuate the dark appearance of the room. We advise you to opt for cool white bulbs of at least 4000 Kelvins, not only to add brightness, but also to further highlight the interior decoration of your kitchen. For pleasant brightness, the lighting power of your lighting fixtures should be between 7000 and 10,000 lumens, or even a little more if your kitchen is both dark and very large.

There are therefore a multitude of lighting fixtures that can help illuminate your kitchen. To choose the one that suits you best, you can go through Ambiance Luminaire. We have a wide selection of cane or rattan pendants that can perfectly illuminate your kitchen.

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