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Jean Prouvé:

Pioneer of industrial design, Jean Prouvé left his mark on the design landscape with his functional and ingenious creations. His deep understanding of materials and manufacturing techniques is reflected in his unique industrial lighting fixtures.

By blending aesthetics and utility, Prouvé offers a source of inspiration for lighting fixtures that embrace the elegant simplicity and functional efficiency of industrial aesthetics.

Tom Dixon: The world of industrial design would not be complete without the distinctive mark of Tom Dixon.

This British designer pushes the limits of creativity with his bold and innovative industrial lighting. His pieces combine metal, glass and other industrial materials to create lighting fixtures that capture attention and enrich the space with a striking aesthetic.

Dixon's designs provide inspiration for lighting fixtures that fuse industrial style with artistic originality.

Inga Sempé: Inga Sempé's minimalist and functional approach to lighting design finds particular resonance in the kitchen environment.

Its ability to harmonize form and function allows it to create elegant and practical lighting fixtures for the culinary space. Its refined aesthetic and sensitivity to practical needs offer a source of inspiration for kitchen lighting fixtures that combine beauty and utility.

Lindsey Adelman: Lindsey Adelman is known for her artistic lighting fixtures that transcend convention. His boundless creativity manifests in sculptural pieces that define elegance and sophistication.

For kitchen lighting, Adelman could inspire fixtures that transcend functionality to become true works of art, adding a captivating touch to the culinary space.