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Solar Fountain - For Birds - SolarAqua

Selling price$50.00 USD

Discover our autonomous solar fountain, perfect for your birds

Our solar fountain is ideal for welcoming birds into your garden.

  • 🌊 Moving water: Birds prefer moving water, which is cooler and safer than stagnant water. Our solar fountain creates a constant flow of water, enticing them to come closer to hydrate.
  • 🎶 A soothing sound: The gentle murmur of the water that springs from the solar fountain has a calming effect on the birds. This relaxing sound creates an atmosphere conducive to their visit.
  • ⛲️ An invitation to swim: Some birds enjoy bathing in fountains to cool off and maintain their feathers. The presence of moving water will encourage them to lounge and take care of themselves.
  • đź’¦ A reliable water source: In areas where water is scarce, our solar fountain provides a constant and reliable water source for birds. They will be attracted by this precious resource and will come to drink from it.

    The combination of moving water, soothing sound and a reliable water source makes our solar fountain attractive to birds, adding a touch of life and harmony to your garden.

    Ecological and economical - Your solar fountain that runs on solar energy

    The five different spray heads offer a wide variety of water jet shapes. You can choose from waterfall jets, bell jets, column jets and much more. Customize your fountain according to your preferences and create a unique water spectacle.

    Resistant to all types of weather conditions

    This solar fountain is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. Whether in the bright sun, rain or even snow, you can enjoy the beauty of this fountain all year round. It is made with durable and resistant materials for a long life.


    • Dimension: 13 cm in diameter
    • Solar panel characteristic: Monocrystalline, direct current 7v / 1.4 watt
    • Pump flow: 160L / Hour
    • Jet height: 30-50 cm

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    Fontaine Solaire - Pour les Oiseaux - SolarAqua - Lampe
    Solar Fountain - For Birds - SolarAqua Selling price$50.00 USD

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