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Are you looking for a new lamp for a Nordic style decor?

We have the perfect collection of inexpensive rattan pendant lamps that will add a touch of elegance to your home.

Thanks to their unique design, these lamps stand out from the rest and are sure to spark conversations. You can even choose between different colors to find the one that perfectly matches your style!

These lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone!

Whatever room you want them in, we have the right size for you.

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Create an ethnic look

Natural hanging lamps / lighting fixtures are a huge trend! Natural pendant lamps tell the story of authentic design, the use of organic materials and fair manufacturing by local artisans.

Each bamboo, wicker or rattan hanging lamp tells its own story and reflects its own culture. Natural pendant lamps have a delicate structure, usually in natural, soft, earthy color tones.

They are often used by interior design professionals, particularly in Scandinavian design decors, to add a warm and ethnic touch to a simplistic interior design.

Lighting specialist in Cannage

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You will be impressed by the effect of shadows on your wall linked to this lamp. Thanks to this, you have apretty rattan pendant lightand a beautiful wall.

For all people who love the natural side of their home, natural materials or simply the chic and elegant side of wood, this pendant light is made for you!

Ambiance Luminaire is the quintessence of Nordic design, with a particular emphasis on that famous Danish quality of blissful conviviality.

An abundance of natural materials in muted tones is the main feature of this pendant lamp collection: everything to fill your home - and your heart - with a warm glow.

Ambiance Luminaire offers a range of beautiful lifestyle products made from cane/bamboo strips with the durability of wrought iron. Each piece is uniquely hand-crated by skilled rural artisans.

All types of lamp

cannage pendant lamps are the perfect addition to any room. They provide a warm, inviting glow that will make your home feel more welcoming. Plus, they look great in every corner of your home!

You can use them as bedside lamps or even reading lamps in your living room. There is no limit to where you can place these magnificent works of art. And with so many styles available, there's something for everyone!

We have something for everyone, whether you want an elegant chandelier or a simple floor lamp by the window. With our wide selection, we guarantee we have exactly what you need!

When we talk about outdoor spaces, we might think of lush gardens, terraces and large lawns. These elements are essential to creating the perfect outdoor space, but to give your exterior that WOW factor you also need to think about smaller details like wicker decorations. No matter the size of your outdoor space, wicker baskets, planters or vines will add a unique element and bring more life to your space.

Their natural appearance is perfect for any garden or backyard and they can be used for different purposes. If you're still not sure where to start with these little details, we have some DIY ideas for you! Wicker baskets are perfect if you want to keep things simple but functional.

You can use them as storage for small items or plants. They can also be used as centerpieces or simply as additional decoration around the home. It is very easy to make them at home with simple tools and materials.

The difference between cane and rattan

The first thing you need to know before choosing your wicker material is that there are two different types of materials that are commonly used - cane and rattan. Rattan wicker is made from the leaves of a large vine that grows in tropical regions around the world.

It is a very durable material that can last up to 25 years if maintained properly. It is very affordable, but it is otherwise heavier and less flexible than wicker, which means it must be supported by a sturdier structure. Wicker is made from a plant called cane.

It is mainly found in the tropics, but it can also be grown in other climates, including colder regions. It is a lighter and more flexible material than rattan wicker.

Wicker light to brighten your day

If you have a large patio or outdoor space where you often entertain guests, you may have noticed that the light at night is not always sufficient to provide a functional and safe environment.

A wicker lamp will not only provide extra light, but it will also add more character to your space.

This project is very easy to make and you can choose any type of wicker to use - rattan, bamboo or even wooden wicker. All you need is some fabric, a wicker basket, a light bulb and a few other materials to make this functional and decorative light.

The vintage pendant lamp with charm

A hanging lamp is a brilliant and simple way to elevate your outdoor space. You can find many different styles of these lamps in stores or online, but if you want something a little more unique, why not make your own?

You can use just about any material to create your own hanging lamp. Wicker is a great option because it is very light and airy and it won't add too much weight to your outdoor space. You can also use a more decorative fabric or a large piece of fabric and create a stunning lamp with a vintage touch.

The bamboo lamp that makes an impact

If you are looking for a more modern outdoor lamp, you can use a smaller piece of bamboo to create this stylish lamp. You can use any type of bamboo, but a thicker, darker piece will look nicer.

Bamboo is very easy to work with, so this project is perfect for beginners. All you need is a piece of bamboo, some wire, a socket and a light bulb. After making the structure, all you have to do is add the finishing touches to make the lamp look great. You can choose to keep the bamboo natural or paint it.

Rattan decoration can be used in many ways. It is a great decoration for your outdoor spaces and it can also be used indoors in smaller spaces like your kitchen or dining room.

When choosing your wicker materials, you need to consider their appearance, price and durability. You can use them to create beautiful decorative items, lighting fixtures or even furniture. They are perfect for any outdoor or indoor space and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

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