Collection: Mushroom Lamp

Light up with the Mushroom Lamp, a trendy light fixture

With its curvature, its stem, you will light up your bedroom, your office and all the rooms in your interior with the greatest class.

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We offer the largest range of country lamps. Whether vintage mushroom lamps, or orange, gold, white, black, you will find the design that suits you.

From Scandinavian style to modernism

Often with its cute and simple side, you will make your interior welcoming and soft. Mushroom lights will make an excellent decorative object for their country side. Recalling nature, this will bring the forest into your apartment or house.

Why choose our mushroom lamps

  • Touch: With one touch, our lamps can turn on or off. Very practical when working for example, with just one finger, you are ready to attack!
  • Modern Design: In keeping with the times, our selection will be distinguished by these harmonious curvatures. From the base of the lamp to its mushroom head, our lighting fixtures are finely designed to be elegant
  • Usable in all rooms: Table lamp, desk lamp near your computer, bedside lamp near your bed.

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